the most fun you can have with your pants on

My buddy and I made this game while attending far too many kink events that were serious, not-so-social, and a little snobby even! We took our love of play and decided to poke a bit of fun at the folks who take sex and kink a bit too seriously. You don’t need a big toybag to play, or even any experience in the kink realms; just curiosity, an open mind, and a sense of adventure.

Take a look at what’s inside!

here’s a sample toy card you could earn

pick your player token to represent you in the game!

an example section of the game board

screw capitalism, let’s play!

So what is the game like? Well, it’s just like monopoly for sex toys, except there’s no play money. Or money of any kind. Actually, capitalism sucks in real life, why would I want to play at it in my free time? Instead, you earn your toys by completing silly, sexy, hands-on challenges. If you’ve always wanted an excuse to spank your buddy, tell dirty jokes, or show off your horse orgasm impersonation skills, you just found it!

It’s good dirty fun!

Get your friends together and let the shenanigans begin. It’s been called the board game most likely to start an orgy, but it’s also tame enough to play with platonic rugby teammates at brunch. I wouldn’t invite your grandma, though. Unless she’s open minded…. 😉