Truth or Dare Free Zoom Game for perverts

Inspired by the silliness of the Kinkopoly board game, now you can play truth or dare with your kinky friends without the added pressure of coming up with clever truths or dares.

Remember to get consent and negotiate first! If you are going to do or say something that may be triggering (blood, mention of bodily harm, taboo fantasies), please give us a heads up on the content, so people can decide if they want to listen or not.

You can safeword any time. You can also step out whenever you want to take a break or turn off your camera to voyuer. 

No nipples or genitals! Sorry, Zoom rules. Other types of show and tell are fine!

no more than 2 min per person/turn.

Win stars for completing your challenge OR coming up with a creative truth or dare prompt

after you go is your turn to ask someone else

Ask whoever you want, but everyone must go once before anyone repeats

Ready to play?

Visit these links for pre-written truth and dare prompts to ask- over 50 in all! Refresh for a new random prompt, or make up your own.